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Saturday, February 1, 2014

2013 Gaon Chart Girl Group Report Card

I found this on a forum and I thought I would share it. I like to keep up with the sales and blah blahs of my favorite groups. It helps me to brag and argue against delulu fans that their faves are not on top. Not that I do that. But if I did I would have a full arsenal of material and stats to use against them. I believe that this chart is 100% accurate based on the other yearly charts that I have seen. I got it from a forum and not a site like Netizenbuzz or Allkpop or another trusted site I use, so many may think that it was made up.

Digital Sales (Gaon Point)
1. Sistar: Gone Not Around Any Longer (210,610,064), Give It To Me (169,597,316) 2. 4minute: What's Your Name (199,657,346), Is It Popping (53,215,438), 24/7 (57,495,916) 3. SNSD: I Got A Boy (157,723,788) 4. Girl's Day: Expectation (138,113,072), Female President (75,866,055)
5. Secret: Yoo Hoo (121,705,617)
6. Apink: No No No (116,506,533)
7. Crayon Pop: Bar Bar Bar (100,944,302) 8. Rainbow: Tell Me Tell Me (83,334,521), Sunshine (42,409,957) 9. T-ara: Countryside Life (75,037,541), No. 9 (46,881,369) 10. 2ne1: Falling In Love (74,302,743), Missing You (60,379,949), Do You Love Me (44,904,704) 11. F(x): Rum Pum Pum Pum (63,981,864) 12. After School: First Love (63,001,392) 13. Miss A: Hush (61,764,937) 14. 9muses:Dolls (54,435,441), Wild (46,518,498)
Album Sales 1. SNSD: 293,302 2. f(x): 81,825 3. Apink: 46,026 4. T-ara: 28,360 5. Sistar: 22,365 6. 4minute: 15,620

Props to SISTAR for blowing everyone away. Gone, Not Around Any Longer and Give It To Me are two of 2013's strongest releases. SISTAR definitely has what it takes to become a legendary group. Each member is talented and charming in her own way. This day in the k-pop era it is hard for a girl group to gain much recognition due to overwhelming competition. I'm glad to see that SISTAR is really popular even though they come from a small company. 
4Minute's What's Your Name was definitely a song I jammed to in the car. It was really popular too. Even though 4Minute debuted a good while ago, it is nice to see that they are still doing extremely well. 
Of course the Nation's Girl Group did well. It's SNSD. They can do anything and it become a hit. Like a lot of SONEs, I didn't like I Got A Boy at first listen, but it really grew on me and I love the song now. When IGAB was first released there were all kinds of forums about how terrible the song is. But by the end of 2013, the song was considered one of the best. It's funny how things like that change. They also destroyed every other girl group in physical album sales. Girls' Generation has proved that they are still on top and aren't going anywhere anytime soon.
SECRET has been receiving a lot of derp lately about how they are losing popularity and that they aren't that relevant anymore. If SECRET isn't relevant, what is their song doing at number 5?! They must be doing something right.
APink and NoNoNo were some of the brightest things to come out of 2013. I thought that fans would be alarmed with member Yookyung's absence, but it didn't hurt APink in the slightest. I'm glad that their popularity has risen. Netizens have praised them for not doing skin flashing concepts like Girl's Day and the recent AOA and Rainbow BLAXX.
Blackjacks have been giving SONEs a hard time for a long time now. They always say that 2NE1 is the "Digital Queens." If 2NE1 are the digital queens, what are their songs doing below Crayon Pop, Rainbow, and even post-scandal T-ara? Sure, they were released later in the year. But if 2NE1 are such musical giants, they should have easily been in the top 5. I'm not bashing, but I think that YG has really messed 2NE1 up. They need a strong comeback with something new and fresh. If Falling In Love, Do You Love Me, and Missing You had been released in 2012 like they were supposed to, they would have probably done a lot better. FIL, DYLM, and MY didn't show any growth in 2NE1. I loved Missing You, but it was similar to Lonely. I really did not like Falling In Love. It just didn't ring any bells for me. It seemed pretty basic and was a bad follow up to CL's boring "The Baddest Female". Do You Love Me might as well have been a part 2 to "I Am The Best". I think 2NE1 just needs to experiment with their sound.
More honorable mentions to f(x), miss A, and After School. f(x) really had a good year last year and their sales show that. If SM would promote them more, I think they could easily be near SNSD status. I hope After School has more than one comeback this year too. First Love was fresh and amazing in both sound and concept. Since Nana's recent fame about being the second most beautiful woman in the world, maybe it will boost After School's popularity more.

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