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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Current Drama Addictions

"You Who Came From The Stars" has been everyone's drama addiction lately, and I have to admit it has been mine too. Being a college student is a special time in life when you are busy as roly poly and you're deprived of the things that you love most. This drama is one of the things that I love most. Just like that T-ara reference mentioned earlier. I admit that I haven't been up to date on my episodes. That makes me a sad person, it does. But from the episodes that I have seen, this drama is very enjoyable and watchable. Anything with the freakin' awesome Kim Soo Hyun is. If he just sat in front of a camera and did nothing for an hour, fan girls would watch it and go lovey-dovey all over it. Another T-ara reference.

The supernatural theme in dramas has been on the rise lately. Ever since Book of the House of Gu and I Hear Your Voice slaughtered every other drama ratings wise, the drama world has been churning out more good-looking people with sexy super powers. At least in this one, Kim Soo Hyun is an alien and not human like Lee Jong Suk and. . . Was Lee Seung Gi considered human in Book of the House of Gu? He was part human. Oh well. The bottom line is teens and ahjummas alike love to see good looking people with sexy super powers.

The drama has it comedic moments as well. At the end of some episodes it has either Kim Soo Hyun or Jun Ji-Hyun or both talking about a situation and it is hilarious. I woke everyone up in my house one night from laughing at one of those cut scenes. It was 1AM. I regret nothing. The show also has an interesting plot that is a breath of fresh air in the drama scene. I haven't seen it all yet, but I don't remember too many aliens being in dramas.

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