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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Korean Skin Products Review: Etude House - Love Homme

Ever since I had heard of Etude House I wanted to try it. For so long I envied the beautiful white flawless skin that idols have. So finally, I found a way that I could get some Etude House products. I ordered Etude House's Love Homme. Well. Almost all of it. I couldn't get the Everything In 1 cream. What I got was the foaming cleanser, the refresh skin, and oil free lotion. Before this I used over the counter products, and good for nothing Proactive, and the good for nothing Proactive X, and tons and tons of other things. I even went as far as trying toothpaste once. . . I have acne prone skin and it's oily in some places and normal in others and dry in others. Long story short, my skin's crazy. So, I ordered my Etude House and because I ordered it from different sellers on Amazon it all didn't come at once. When it did I tried it and the next day my skin was noticeably clearer and brighter. I was amazed. The oil free lotion didn't leave my skin feeling heavy and oily. The Refresh Skin didn't feel heavy either and the product does what it says. I have never used a foaming cleanser before, but the Love Homme foaming cleanser is excellent. My skin never felt so clean before. It has small beads in it and when you start to massage it in the beads disintegrate and adds to the cleansing experience. My skin's color has started to smooth out and it's become whiter. It feels really soft now and I don't have as much oil and dry places now. Everything about my skin has become more calm and smooth. Break outs don't occur as frequently either. Each product also has a refreshing smell that is not too overbearing. The smell is pleasant and fades away after awhile after application. Etude House lives up to all the expectations I had for it. I will never ever use anything over the counter again. The price wasn't that bad either. I spent about the same amount I usually did for other cleansers and products. For the cleansing foam it was about $7.00. And about $15 each for the Refresh Skin and Oil Free Lotion. Since then I have ordered other products from Etude House to try. Not all of them have arrived yet, but I will review them when they come. Also, they send tons of free samples. My favorite of these samples so far is the Love Homme Collagen Moisture cream. It's probably the best moisturizer I have ever tried.

How I wash my face is I use a variation on Suzy's 424 technique. I call mine the 444 technique. I wash with an oil first for 4 minutes, then I wash with a cleanser for 4 minutes, and then I splash my face with water for 4 minutes. I use coconut oil first. Let me talk for just a minute about the magic that is coconut oil. It's a miracle. I get it at my local grocery store. Coconut oil is a natural acne fighter. It is anti-baterial and microbial and all kinds of other good things. It treats acne without excessively drying skin out and I have been using it on my face for awhile now. Coconut oil is also a SPF 4. Google coconut oil to see its other benefits. After I wash with coconut oil I use the Etude House foaming cleanser and then splash cold water on my face. After washing, I apply the Refresh Skin and Oil Free Lotion. Then I am ready to take on the day or lay down for the night. My skin looks great! If my phone's camera wasn't so bad, I would upload photos. I highly recommend Etude House products!

The bottles each product comes in is stunning and beautiful. The cleanser comes in a regular bottle that works well in the shower. It is easy to open and still looks good with the fancy writing on the front of it. The Refresh Skin is a beautiful blue and be careful because the bottle is made of glass. The top easily screws off. Overall, the bottle adds to the Etude House experience. That it is elegant and you know that your skin is having a good experience. The Lotion bottle is also made of glass and is identical to the Refresh Skin bottle. Below is a list of pros and cons.


  • It doesn't make my skin excessively oily.
  • The cleanser cleans really well and you can feel the clean.
  • The refresh skin really does refresh skin
  • The oil free lotion does not make my skin feel heavy
  • Even though it is cheaper than my old skin care products, it is still quite pricy and shipping can be expensive sometimes.
  • I do not believe that Etude House has an official account on Amazon that they sell their products on. I would like to find a site that is trusted that I could buy their products on so they could all arrive at one time. This is not Etude House's fault though. It just hinders the user experience, which also has nothing to do with them.
  • I would like more bang for my buck also. I think there should be bigger bottles.

Overall, I am pleased with my experience, and I will probably be a Etude House customer forever.

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