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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Music Video Time! Lee Hyori - 10 MINUTES

I'm feeling nostalgic today. How about a throwback? Chances are that if you've been a K-pop for over a year you've heard of the sexiest woman in Korea, Lee Hyori, and her monster song that is 10 MINUTES. 2003 was the year that Hyori went solo and it was majorly successful at that. She was hardly out of the news for a year after this song. 10 MINUTES won Lee Hyori many awards and established her as one of the best pop acts, one of the highest paid singers, and a legend. I remember listening to this song around the time it first came out. Gosh. What a long time ago. This song made Hyori one of my first biases. I still love her today. Lee Hyori is a good person. She's a vegetarian, a philanthropist, and very humble. Even today 10 MINUTES is an amazing song. Now let's sit back and watch the woman that rocks the sexy concept so easily.

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