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Friday, February 7, 2014

Music Video Time! U-KISS - Stop Girl

People should really give U-KISS more recognition. Each comeback they have is better than the last and their songs are always good. Every year people predict that they will win on music shows, but the sad reality is that probably won't happen. Literally every year since their debut fans have said they are going to try their best for them to win an award on music shows. Is a music show award really all that important? U-KISS has proved time and time again that they can do their best without winning on a music show. It would be nice if they could win a few though. Out of all the groups they deserve an award the most. "Stop Girl" is one of my favorite songs from them. They majorly switched up their style and it worked for them. Even if the chorus is a bit repetitive I could play this song on repeat and never get tired of it. The production is spot on and the sound was different than what other acts were releasing at the time. Overall the music video is cool too. There is a color version, but the black and white one is just as good too. Now, let's enjoy some U-KISS.

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