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Saturday, February 1, 2014

My predictions for who will have a successful 2014

My predictions for who will have a successful 2014:

  • Ailee-Even after her scandal Ailee came fighting back with the successful digital single "Singing Got Better". She snatched up a Show Champion award with that song. Her voice is so strong and powerful, I predict she will have an amazing and successful year. If she stays away from Japan for awhile. . .
  • APink-Everybody loves APink! Their popularity increased with their last comeback and with Naeun's appearance on We Got Married. I think that their next round of promotions will be their most successful yet.
  • B1A4-I wish I could have started this blog earlier so I could have said how I thought that B1A4 would have massive success with their next release. If B1A4 has another comeback this year, it will be successful. "Lonely" has gotten them a lot of awards on music shows and "Who Am I" has sold a lot of copies.
  • BEAST-BEAST didn't live up to the success with "Shadow" that "Beautiful Night" gave them, but I think that if they do something fun with their next album they will become even more successful. BEAST is really popular anyways. So. Yeah.
  • BIGBANG-Just like the name suggests, BIGBANG's bang is big. They are legends and each member's solo endeavors has been majorly successful. When they come together it will create an explosion of success. GD and YG say we can expect them sometime in the summer.
  • Block B-Block B's "Very Good" won them their first music show award and that single is their highest selling so far. When they comeback again this year it will be even more successful due to their increase in popularity.
  • Davichi-Davichi is incredible. They don't fit the typical idol stereotype and yet they manage to win on music shows. I think their popularity increased last year. Not just in Korea but globally. 2014 will be a good year for them.
  • EXO-EXO is the K-pop trend lately. Their monstrous fan base will lead them into success no matter what they do. I predict they will become even more popular this year.
  • f(x)-Everyone is already anticipating f(x)'s next comeback. According to many sources they were 2013's third most popular girl group. Everyone liked "Rum Pum Pum Pum" so their next title track will lead them into even more success. Their album "Pink Tape" gained them world wide recognition because it was voted one of the best albums of 2013.
  • Girls' Generation-They are the nation's girl group. Enough said. They dominated physical album sales last year, and I Got A Boy's digital sales was not that bad either.
  • INFINITE-INFINITE had one of the most anticipated comebacks last year. After their first world tour the anticipation has raised even more. Their fan base has also grown considerably.
  • IU-if IU has a comeback this year it will be successful. I think people are wanting to see where else she is going to go with the new image she has.
  • Lee Seung Gi-All the ladies love Lee Seung Gi. After The Book of the House of Gu and the fact that he is dating SNSD's Yoona, he will have a successful comeback.
  • miss A-Suzy is the Nation's First Love. Not to mention miss A had the highest viewer rating during their performance at one of the year end music shows.
  • Roy Kim-If he has a comeback. Roy Kim's "Spring Spring Spring" was one of the most successful songs of 2013 even with its plagiarism scandal.
  • SHINee-2013 was a good year for SHINee. If they have a comeback this year it will be successful. They won several artist of the year awards for 2013.
  • SISTAR-SISTAR is super popular right now. Even its sub-group SISTAR19 is really popular. If either one of them comebacks their title track will be a smash hit.
  • Super Junior-Super Junior is overdue for a comeback as a whole group. Since they are one of the most popular groups, they will be successful.
  • T-ara-Call me crazy, but I think T-ara can get their crap together and become loved again. If they do everything just right.
  • Taeyang-If he ever comes back as a soloist, he will be successful.
  • VIXX-VIXX's popularity has risen tremendously since their song "Hyde". They finally won on a music show with "Voodoo Doll" and their first album "Voodoo" has stayed in the top 10 of the Gaon charts. They do concepts that other boy groups wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole. This helps them stand out and I think they will be really successful this year.
  • ZE:A-ZE:A's "The Phantom of the Wind" became their highest selling single. Kwanghee is really popular on variety shows and Hyungsik has risen in popularity and Dongjun and Siwan are known for acting among other things. Their popularity has risen some as a group and I think if they have a good song, their next round of promotions will be successful.
  • 2NE1-If they ever comeback, they will be successful because they are a K-pop mega group.
  • 2PM-2PM only won one award with their last round of promotions. I think with their next round they will come back more beastly than ever and regain their popularity.
  • 100%-For a rookie group, 100% won over many fangirls' hearts with "Want U Back". Their members have become more known through variety show appearances and for their first comeback, "Want U Back" was really successful. The mini-album that Want U Back came from, "Real 100%" peaked at #3 on the Gaon chart.
Let's see if my predictions come true!

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