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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Prepare yourselves! Girls' Generation is back!

And so after months of speculation and hints, Girls' Generation will finally be making their comeback with "Mr. Mr"! It looks like they will have a cool doctor/night nurse theme going on. Girls' Generation always comes back with unique concepts. It's good to see that they switch the scene up. I'll admit. I wasn't too thrilled with the sound that was on the teaser. But I'm sure that the song will be good. It's coming from SM Entertainment and GIRLS' GENERATION! You just know it's gonna be rock rock rocking! I'm starting to think that SNSD will only have title tracks that have to do with boys. I mean come on. "The Boys," "I Got A Boy," and now "Mr. Mr." And I guess "MR. TAXI" can also be added to the list. That is my only complaint with this. Anyways, I can't wait to see how all this will play out. They all look smokin' hot. Especially Taeyeon in the scene that is shown before the video is played. She looks good in red lipstick. I'm wondering if this comeback will have their sexiest concept yet. The teaser kind of put off that vibe. As long as it isn't a Girl's Day, Rainbow BLAXX, or AOA sexy. I'm cool with that.

I think that they will dominate the charts again. Not just because they are the Nation's Girl Group, but because they received a lot of attention from I Got A Boy. They won the Youtube Music Video Award  among other awards. I'm guessing that all the haters are still butt hurt over the fact that they won that award. The forums on allkpop last night were glorious. SONEs were so excited and the love could be felt from all around the world. Of course there were the trolls. But hey. Nobody cares one bit. They are undeniably the best and a wall that will take years of hard work for any new girl group to climb over.

It makes me a crazy person when Blackjacks get on SNSD forums and bash. Please. Just stop. Both groups are great and legends in their own right, but when SONEs bash 2NE1 and Blackjacks bash SNSD it just makes both fandoms look badly upon the opposite ones. Even now before I enter a forum about SNSD I know a Blackjack will be on there hating and it just isn't right. Honestly, I used to really like 2NE1. Their music is great. But lately, I've been coming up with bad things to say about them and I don't like to say bad things.

Each group is talented in their own right. They are each unique and each have made contributions to K-pop as a whole that will never be replaced or forgotten. Why do fans have to hate them? It doesn't make sense to me.

And honestly, do any trolls think that their rude comments really hurt SNSD/2NE1 members? No. I bet they don't care at all. They are still making more money and receiving more love than that troll!

So let's just all be cool and support SNSD's comeback. Haters can say what they want to say, but SNSD is still gonna be popular than their fave. That's why they hate in the first place. I'll pray for you haters while SNSD slays the charts and music shows.

MR. MR!!!!!!!!!

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