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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Rumored February Comebacks

February has already arrived at our doorstep! Can you believe a month has already gone by? It might as well be 2015. Anyways, down to business. Word on the street is that these are the rumored comebacks for February. Some have already been confirmed and are in the final steps of coming back. B.A.P, for example, has already released picture and video teasers for their first full length album "First Sensibility" so Babys can be excited for that.

  • Orange Caramel
  • Big Bang
  • Boyfriend
  • C-Clown
  • Kim Hyung Jun
  • Sunny Hill
  • B.A.P
  • CN Blue
  • Cross Gene
  • LC9
Some of you may already be familiar with this list. Since this list was published, PSY and previous Wonder Girls's member Sunmi have been announced to possibly have a comeback. Girls' Generation was expected to have a comeback in January, but. . . Well. . . That obviously didn't happen. Even though that cool concert teaser for MR.MR. was released there hasn't been one thing said about SNSD's comeback besides that SM denied it was going to be on February 5th. It's a bummer. It's tough being a SONE nowadays. I trolled every month in 2012 waiting for a comeback as a full group. We were finally graced with their angelic presence with I Got A Boy and I was relieved. I wish they would have more Korean comebacks a year instead of one. 2010 was a SONE's delight. Three comebacks in one year! I thought my wallet and I were going to go crazy.

If Orange Carmel comebacks I will scream like a girly One Direction fan. Nana is in that group! I have always said that Nana and I will be married someday. That may or may not happen, but I can dream. When Nana was voted the second most beautiful woman in the world, I was utterly delighted. I have been saying that she was one of the most beautiful women in the world practically since her debut. It's nice to see that my input is being appreciated.

Big Bang has been absent from the scene for awhile now. YG keeps trolling us with all kinds of fun rumors and such. YG seriously stresses me out. It's hard to prepare myself for comebacks enough as it is. Now I get all jacked up when I hear that BB is coming back just to find out it has been pushed back. According to Netizenbuzz even Big Bang's Korean fans are eagerly awaiting their next comeback. The same goes for 2NE1. The Netizens on Netizenbuzz are begging for 2NE1's comeback. Let my K-pop groups go Papa YG! Is 2NE1 really going to release that All Or Nothing album? They need new material before they go on another world tour. Kinda ironic though. Blackjacks will either get "all" or "nothing" before the new world tour.

I was expecting CNBlue to have at least two mini-albums for 2013. I was sad to see that all we got was "I'm Sorry". Don't get me wrong, the song was excellent. But I feel like people are starting to forget CNBlue. Yonghwa was in the drama "The Future Choice," but it didn't perform that well. Kang Minhyuk probably saved them though with his outstanding performance on "The Heirs." Am I the only one that wants him and f(x)'s Krystal to hook up in real life? I mean just look at them!

Don't they give you the warm fuzzies? They are cuter than two bunnies in a cabbage patch. They made The Heirs an even more enjoyable watch. A lot of people didn't like The Heirs. I did. Get over it.

Anyways fellow K-poppers. Let's just see what this mystical February has in store for us.

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