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Monday, February 3, 2014

Sasaeng Fans

Some fans, if you can call them that, deserve a brain exam and a reality check. Sasaeng fans are those extreme fans that will do whatever it takes to get their idols' attention. If you watched the video above, you saw that EXO's Luhan seemed disturbed and uncomfortable around these girls. Even though they could clearly see that they still yelled stuff at him. Seriously people. Luhan is a person too. Give him some room. EXO is the new DBSK when it comes to sasaeng fans. I wish that security would become better for idols at the airport. Something has to change. One of these days an idol is going to get hurt really bad or worse. I don't understand why an airport can't prepare for this better. The videos that I've seen of EXO or other idols being at an airport is pretty bad. They practically get ambushed. Some girls even follow them into the bathroom. Don't even get me started on that person that stole D.O's underwear to sell online. . . That's disturbing on so many levels. Hide your underwear boys, because not even they are safe.

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