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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Something to hold close to your heart, Davichi sings "The Maze Of Love"

To say Davichi is not talented is the same as wearing pajamas in public. It's just not right. I've always loved Davichi and their big vocal filled songs. The song they perform in the video, The Maze Of Love, is one of the songs where each member showcases their individual talents and vocal prowess. Member Kang Minkyung can show her emotions while singing better than anyone I have ever seen. The other half of Davichi, Lee Haeri, is arguably the best vocalist in K-pop. No matter how many times I watch this video, I cannot find an error in it. I believe that this is a perfect performance. The listener/watcher can feel and see the emotion, the harmony is perfect, and the vocals are on point. I chose the 8 minute long video because it shows how likable Davichi is during their interview. It also shows what the judges and other singers think of their performance. The show is called Immortal Song 2. Other songs that I recommend by Davichi are The Letter, Be Warmed, and any other title track that's theirs. You just can't go wrong with Davichi!

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