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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Taenew Over Flowers

So my friend and I ship Girls' Generation's Taeyeon and SHINee's Onew, so I decided to write a fan fiction story about it. This is what I came up with. Originally it started out in a very comedic way. So before I post the final chapters of this story here is what happened. Onew cheated on Taeyeon with a chicken delivery girl and Taeyeon found out about it and angrily lashed out at Onew. Okay, here we go

Taenew Over Flowers

Onew thinks back to a time when him and Taeyeon were known as the Nation's Couple before he met Hyeri the chicken delivery girl. They were the apple of the media's eye and the envy of their band mates and fans alike. He rememebers a time that he tripped with Taeyeon's favorite ice cream in hand. He had chocolate chips and cone crumbs in places that he didn't want to have but Taeyeon just laughed and smiled. God he loved her smile. Perfect pearl colored teeth that glisten even in the dark of a blue night paired with eyes that are a perfect crescent shape that make an exclusive appearance when she smiles. All he could dream about is kissing her thin pale pink colored lips with a sweet peach taste. When he was with Taeyeon he didn't mind his clumsy condition because it made her happy, and it was one of the many reasons she fell in love with him.

Taeyeon misses Onew desperately. She no longer felt comfortable in her own skin and could feel depression creeping down her spine. She longed to see his cheeky smile and bright chocolate eyes. His whispy brown hair that she likes to push to one side to fix it. As the days go by she thinks about how their bond is drifting apart. She wonders if Hyeri sleeps beside him at night while hugging his back and playfully nibbling his neck like she used to. It makes her sick to think that chicken girl is playing footsie while eating sugary cereal with silk almond milk at their breakfast table like her and Onew used to. She becomes enraged at the fact that Onew's broad shoulders may be draped around Hyeri as they take a happy couple selca together. Only Taeyeon can possess Onew's smile. Only she can dip her spoon into his cereal bowl and lick it while puffing her cheeks. She is the only one that can sleep beside of him and share warmth. Taeyeon is determined to get her Onew back.

Taeyeon had to get out of the city for awhile. She was driving south on a busy highway from Seoul. At this point she didn't care where she went. She could end up in Busan and it wouldn't make a difference. Taeyeon felt like a shell of her former self. The bright child-like Taeyeon everyone knew and loved drifted and faded away on a cold wind that came from Onew's last sudden stare. Even though she is depressed her thoughts quickly run through her brain of what happened just a few hours ago.
Taeyeon confronted Onew and Hyeri. She forced Onew to choose between her or Hyeri. Onew stared Taeyeon down like she was under a microscope and he was examining her love for him. Onew turned and took a step towards Hyeri. Taeyeon's heart couldn't handle anymore, she turned and walked out of the room. Back at her house in Gangnam, Taeyeon started to sob. She knew that it was over. She decided to leave Seoul for awhile. The paparazzi was all over her anyways. She packed a small bag of the necessities and threw away the stuffed purple-blue puppy Onew got her for their first anniversary in the stainless steel trashcan beside the door.
In the parking garage Taeyeon got into her car and looked out the windshield. It was snowing. Winter is her favorite season because it was a snowy day when her and Onew shared their first kiss. Looking back it was kind of awkward. Onew didn't know how he should tilt his head, but it was still the best kiss she had ever had. The car was cold and Taeyeon felt a chill. She forgot her jacket, but she decided to leave it. This cold made her feel alive.
She was almost out of Seoul and could see most of it in her review mirror. The radio was on a low rumble, but she could still recognize that the song was some stupid love song about a bad relationship that every idol spits out nowadays. The snow was starting to stick to the pavement and the vehicles around her had started to slow down. Taeyeon stepped on the gas. Her expressionless face started to break like a uncompleted puzzle. Piece by piece Taeyeon started to succumb to her sadness. A tear rolled down her pale whitish-pink cheek. "Onew." She yelled, "how could you do this to me? I wanted you and only you forever. I admit that I am broken and lost without you. I want you. I want to be with you." Her arms curled and her forehead hit the steering wheel. While weeping uncontrollably Taeyeon realized where she was and glanced up. A semi-truck was caught in a traffic jam in front of her. She hit the breaks with every ounce of emotion and strength she had. Taeyeon collided with the truck while going 80mph. She sat motionless in the drivers seat.
Onew realized he had been a fool and made a grave mistake. He told Hyeri that he didn't love her and grabbed his car keys while sprinting out the door. Luckily he saw Taeyeon leaving her apartment complex and drove behind her. He decided to follow her to wherever she went and would talk to her there and confess how sorry he was and that he actually loved and cherished her and only her. He had been following her for awhile now, and he noticed her car kept accelerating. Did she know he was behind her this whole time? They were heading into a traffic jam and she needed to slow down. Onew saw the truck in front of Taeyeon's car. He didn't see break lights, and he started to panic. "Taeyeon!" he yelled while desperately pounding his car's horn, "look out!" But it was too late. He saw her collide. His face drained of color and his eyes lost their increasingly eerie shine. He knew she was hurt, but he just sat there. Why didn't he see his mistake earlier? She wouldn't be in this mess if it wasn't for him.
Onew knew that even if Taeyeon lived she would never be the same. He already broken her heart into a thousand little pieces. He remembers a conversation he and Taeyeon had about a woman's heart. "Listen," Taeyeon began. "Someone great once said that a woman's heart is as deep as a thousand oceans." "Not your heart," Onew said. "You're heart's too derpy to be that deep." "Hey!" Taeyeon said and banged the table. Her frozen yogurt fell off and she had a shocked look on her face. Onew couldn't help but notice how cute she looked. Her doll face was scrunched up and he felt the urge to buy her more yogurt. Onew loved Taeyeon for the small and big things. He loved everything she did. Even at 3AM she would sing in the shower and the neighbor's would bang on the walls. Onew would just sit outside the door on the hard tile and take in her voice. He would mouth the words along to the song that she was singing with his eyes closed. Now Onew wonders if there was a way that he and Taeyeon could go back to those days.
The smoke from the wreckage had began to clear and Onew stepped out of his car. What he saw next shocked him and he stumbled to the ground. His eyes never left what he was staring at. Taeyeon was standing outside of her car door. Her cheeks were scratched and her arms were bruised, but she looked okay. Was this an illusion? No. He is sure it is Taeyeon. He ran to her and the people in surrounding cars were hanging out of their windows saying "omo! Is that Girls' Generation's Taeyeon and SHINee's Onew?! It looks like she had a pretty nasty car accident but she appears to be fine."
"Taeyeon! Taeyeon!" Onew said. He caught her as she was about to fall. "Onew? I can't believe you're here right now. Why are you here. How did you know where I was?" "MungTaeng, I'll always know where you are, and I'll always be beside you. Look, I made a mistake. I love you and only you and you're the only person I will ever love," Onew said. Taeyeon passed out but had a faint smile on her face. She appeared to be relieved. An ambulance rushed onto the scene and pried Taeyeon from Onew's arms.
At the hospital Taeyeon was asleep on a bed. The doctors reported to him that she would be fine after she had some rest and that everything would heal up nicely. Onew noticed that her feet were still bleeding. He ran and got some warm water and a white cotton towel. He started cleaning her feet and when he was done he lightly kissed them to make sure all of this was real. The heated softness of her smooth skin gave him an answer. He didn't see how Taeyeon survived a collision like that. Onew then bandaged her feet, sat down in a chair beside her bed, and took a deep breath.
Onew never left Taeyeon's side. He wanted to make everything up to her even if he wasn't for sure how. Taeyeon was sleeping off her pain killers and Onew was peeling an apple. Her eyes opened and Onew stood up and walked to her side. "Hey honey, how are you feeling?" Onew asked in a whisper. "I feel. . . good." Taeyeon replied. "You may not want to talk about this now but-" "Yes Onew. I want to get back together with you. I'll give you another chance because I know that you'll always love me and I miss us." Onew leaned over the bed and kissed Taeyeon. This kiss was perfect and Taeyeon knew that this one was really the best.

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